Colored ready to use fibered water-based elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane that offers extraordinary resistance to water stagnation, aging and UV rays.


Ready to use
Long Pot Life
VOC Zero
No Primer Needed
UV Rays
Water stagnation
Applicable on Metal


Installed as a (roofing membrane) system, can be used to waterproof new roofs, when applied over concrete, cement boards or plywood, it can be the ideal environmentally friendly re-covering solution for existing degraded aged roofing materials such as smooth or granular bituminous membranes, cap sheet BUR or EPDM.

It can also be used as an exceptional protection for masonry, metal (oxidized included), and many ceramic tiles.

In case of high stress to make the layer smoother, you can use Wintechno Mat as reinforcement.

It is CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) Rated Product, compliant with California Energy Commission Title 24, compliant with Los Angeles Green Building Code requirements,


It can be applied on:
Waterproofing agent on flat and walkable roofs
Ceramic or natural stone terraces
Balconies for recovering or protecting (already oxidized) bituminous surfaces
Metals (also oxidizing metals)

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  • Application It can be applied over prepped dry surfaces with: Roll Brush Large paintbrush Airless spray gun
  • Consumption
    Average collective consumption when applied in two coats with Wintechno Mat (Field Polyester Reinforcement Mat) is:
    3.3 Gal. per 100 Sq. Ft. APPROXIMATE COVERAGE PER PAIL
    120 - 135 SF (11 – 12.5 m²) in two coats with Wintechno Mat interposed
    VOLUME: 3.9 Gallons
    WEIGHT: 44 Lbs. (20 kg).
  • Useful Advices

    The application rate will vary (especially for the first coat) depending upon the substrate profile/porosity, weather, method of application, etc.


    Apply and cure at ambient and substrate temperatures between 41F and 104F (+5°C and +40°C). To help maintain a clean surface and reflexivity of Wingum Plus H2O, WINKLER suggests the use of Winclean.


    Standard colors: white and grey. Special colors: red, green, custom colors.


    When kept in its sealed, undamaged package in a shaded covered place at temperatures between 41F and 104F (+5°C and +40°C) product can be stored for 18 months.

  • Technical data sheet
  • Certifications
  • Declaration of performance WINGUM PLUS H20 001