Modern technology has brought to the market water-based liquid waterproofing membranes made with the most innovating technologies. Simple and ready to use, they form an effective barrier to water and humidity, in order to protect roofs, terraces and balconies from water stagnation, infiltrations and from the action of ultraviolet rays. Ever since the industry came

Water leaks in bathrooms: causes, effects and how to solve them? It is, sometimes, only when the neighbour downstairs complains about moisture spots in their ceilings, that we realise that water is leaking from our bathroom. At that point, we begin to investigate the causes of the damages, and to assess how serious the situation

Solutions to eliminate holes on road pavement Repairing road surfaces means to eliminate problems that compromise everyone’s safety and may be the cause of accidents. For that purpose, it is possible to use the latest generation of cold bituminous conglomerates. These products simplify and speed up road maintenance and repairing. They are reliable, non-toxic and

Introduction What to do before waterproofing a balcony or a terrace Steps to waterproof a balcony or a terrace How to avoid leaks on the balcony or terrace Characteristics of the ideal product to waterproof a balcony or terrace Example of well-done work Introduction In the realization of waterproofing systems for balconies or terraces it’s

How to waterproof a roof

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Introduction What to do before waterproofing a roof Steps to waterproof a roof Waterproofing a flat roof How to avoid leaks on a flat roof Characteristics of the membrane to use How much it costs to waterproof a flat roof What to consider Why ONE could be the best solution Introduction Today, there are many

The water was coming through concrete at the corners of the steps where it’s meeting the granite side wall. Building it’s located on the hill/mountain in West Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) and ground water circulates under as the mountain has a lot of this. This was a typical complex waterproofing concrete foundation restoration.    

Life is already enough stressful to have additional stress been forced to work within short POT Life windows while using under tile waterproofing liquid membranes. “Hurry up! The technical sheet says we have 45 minutes to apply the product after mixed!” 30, 45, sometimes 50 minutes to apply under tile waterproofing liquid membranes. After that

An old row house in Philadelphia was rebuilt from the ground up in Point Breeze neighborhood of Philadelphia. As most of old row houses, this two stories building had a timeworn build-up roof and its entire shape was deplorable. Creative Builders & Design decided to take it down to foundation and rebuilt it into a


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Wingrip Bituminoso is a new WINKLER product based on bitumen and high quality polymers in water emulsion and special charges, it waterproofs surfaces as balconies, showers and bathrooms, and makes any kind of support suitable for the rapid and clean tiling of floors and existing coverings. Wingrip Bituminoso Tips: Easy to apply in one coat Apply

2021 FIBER

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It arises from WINKLER big tradition in waterproofing products and from W-SAFE exclusive technology the new 2021 FIBER, fiber-reinforced water based and waterproofing liquid membrane, which adds to excellent performances, an environmental impact near to zero. Care for ecology is one of the leading topic in these years even in building field: one matter to