Problems waterproofing in cold weather When waterproofing a flat roof and choosing the appropriate product, many factors need to be taken into account; the intended use of the roof, shape, size, slope, substrate condition and more. But even when all the above are set up correctly, there are two other factors that tend to be
SPECIFICALLY DEVELOPED FOR APPLICATIONS UNDER HIGH TEMPERATURE RANGES AND UNSTABLE WEATHER Winkler’s research and development laboratories present the evolution of the product that rewrote the technical standards of liquid solutions for surface waterproofing. In periods of climatic instability, when the time factor for interventions is decisive, it is better to be able to count on
Why it is important to protect a mosaic with a sealant or a water repellent? Mosaics are a pure form of art, they require a precise knowledge, creative inspiration, commitment and talent as well as a huge amount of time. All of these factors leads to real artworks, unique pieces made also to last centuries. These
Setting tiles in wet areas is currently a time-consuming process because many steps and many different products are required to complete the installation. Waterproofing is normally the first step and it is completely separated from the tile adhesive part. Moreover, since many different materials and procedures are involved, setting tiles in wet areas it is
In order to waterproof swimming pools, it is recommended to use epoxy-cement systems as they create a solid barrier against counter pressure as well as a resistant layer. Solvent-free elastic waterproofing resins protect the surface in a great way, preserving it from the aggressive action of chlorine and atmospheric agents. The protection of buildings from
In the 21st Century, with an always growing population, on one side, and the pollution increase, on the other, we no longer have excuses. The planet needs corrective actions, so we all have to be responsible towards it, as a sustainable development has become an urgency.We all have to do our part, so, this has
Among the best products that we can use to repair damaged bituminous membranes (and protected them afterwards), there are adhesive sealants without solvents, levelling pastes, water-based bituminous membranes and liquid membranes that reflect sun rays. The waterproofing action of bituminous membranes on flat roofs can be compromised by several factors, some of which are described
Restore substrates before waterproofing
Before any waterproofing operation, especially if you plan to use the new liquid membranes, it is necessary to uniform the substrates using innovative rapid setting mortars which can be used in extreme environmental conditions. The best way to prepare and restore substrates before waterproofing, and achieve maximum results, is to use solvent-free systems. The goal
The best waterptoofing products
How to choose the most appropriate products to waterproof specific areas of a house or building Instead of talking about the “best waterproofing product” we should refer to “the best waterproofing system”, since we have to consider the most appropriate way to solve a specific waterproofing problem. Indeed, humidity, moisture, can have different origins (rising
Modern technology has brought to the market water-based liquid waterproofing membranes made with the most innovating technologies. Simple and ready to use, they form an effective barrier to water and humidity, in order to protect roofs, terraces and balconies from water stagnation, infiltrations and from the action of ultraviolet rays. Ever since the industry came