Water-based adhesive for bituminous membranes and insulating panels, based on bitumen and synthetic polymers. Thanks to its formulation it’s very resistant to water and aging.

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  • Application It can be applied with roller, brush, making sure to apply an even and constant layer. Seal the joints externally by using a spatula or trowel. Apply on a dry surface, otherwise the drying time can take much longer.
  • Consumption 0.500 kg/m² for non-porous support and without alterations (membranes and panels). 0.500 kg/m² for joints sealing. 0.500 - 0.750 kg/m² depending on the porosity and irregularities of supports.
  • Useful Advices Ideal adhesive for horizontal positions, on surfaces with a slope not exceeding 45° and vertical joints, between 40 and 50 cm high, of bituminous membranes and insulating panels, in cases where torch welding or solvent-base adhesives cannot be used. It can be used even for sealing and joining bituminous membranes. It has an excellent absorbing power, but it is still advisable to full clear the support of: dust, brittle parts and foreign substances. Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Packaging 5 - 20 kg pails.
  • Storage The product has 12 months shelf-life if properly packed and stored in a dry and protected place. It is not frost proof. Store and apply between +5°C and +35°C. Accessori: Winseal.
  • Technical data sheet