Since 1987 we put chemistry and technology at the service of the building world. The Winkler offer can always be shaped to the real needs of customers; this means that Winkler develops and sells innovative waterproofing products and building materials clearly responding to the growing problems of modern building and it does it in a sustainable way.

Primary goal of the company is a new approach to the building business to place chemicals and technology into the customer's disposal by developing simple and effective solutions and one of the market's widest range of products. Winkler's offer can be shaped on real customers’ needs, in order to answer to the more and more complex problems of the modern building industry. Winkler can boast some unique products in the market as far as utility, effectiveness, workability and facility of application. A large part of the investments is spent for the development of new products more and more innovative and safe for man and environment. Winkler reached a big commercial success with its new water based technologies for the concrete restoration and waterproofing. The packaging has been studied to enhance the shelf management and the pallets' movement including easy reading labels that will help on the building site even the no professional workers.


Winkler is constantly developing new ranges of products in order to bring innovation and effectiveness solutions to the building site. Winkler has a wide range of products, such as: additives for concrete and adhesion promoter, mortars for the restoration and recover of concrete, paste and liquid waterproof products, bitumen-polymer membranes, form release products, resins for civil and industrial flooring, resins for the concrete protection and many special products. The need of new products and solutions is detected and studied by the R&D personal, mainly trough a direct team work on the building sites.

The philosophy that has inspired WINKLERSAFE exclusive technology comes from long ago and more precisely from 1996, when WINKLER started studying and developing its first low impact environmental solutions.
We have taken up the responsibility of developing and distributing products that are safe and healthy for users and that respect our surrounding environment.
But we wanted a technology that wouldn’t ask our customers to “content themselves” with what they had, a technology that did not only stand as a synonym of low environmental impact to the detriment of improved performance.

WINKLERSAFE means looking for advanced solutions that guarantee unique features, much superior than the results so far achieved with solvent-based conventional products.
We are proud to say that its uniqueness does not stem just from its compliance with users’ health requirements or from nature protection, but also from the ability to obtain unsurpassed performance results in terms of easy application, resistance, durability and consumption. Experimentation with new materials that offer increasingly high levels of performance is part of the principles of continuous improvement on which Winkler Safe is based.

WINKLER has not only focused on products, but also on the whole manufacturing chain, by accurately selecting the most advanced raw materials and by investing in plants that make it possible to achieve a zero environmental impact production cycle. We have been the first company to abolish all the solvent-based products in our range, thus making a daring, but resolute choice consistent with a philosophy that does not merely stem from marketing considerations.
Embracing WINKLERSAFE means discovering a world of exclusive, safe technology with plenty of advantages and constant research and development activities in order to provide increasingly useful tools and solutions to the complex modern building industry. We believe in a better world and we will unrelentingly work to pursue balance between technology, the environment and Man.



Training plays a strategic role in Winkler with a view to continuous innovation and competitiveness.

We are always looking for new solutions to be offered to customers, but also for interesting ideas to develop and for technical and creative young researchers.