SKERMO TERRAZZE is a transparent water repellent for the waterproofing treatment of balconies, terraces, as well for vertical concrete or masonry structures.
It is a solvent-free product with 100% active material, able to penetrate in depth guaranteeing a durability of 10 years. SKERMO TERRAZZE doesn’t modify the aspect of surfaces and it prevents the outcrop of efflorescence, moss, lichen, seaweed, etc. The use of SKERMO TERRAZZE is highly recommended in marine areas, in which its application helps prevent the early corrosion of the metal reinforcement inside the concrete. It can be applied over ceramic, stoneware, terracotta floors, clinker.

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  • Application Apply with brush or roller.
  • Consumption 15 m² per litre over tiled surfaces. 5 m² per litre over concrete walls.
  • Useful Advices Make sure that the supports are clean and free of dust, oils, grease, and non-stick substances. Restore any deteriorated grout line using WINSTUCCO FLEX. The product can be applied over dump surfaces, but not over saturated wet surfaces or stagnant water. Insist the thorough application over the grout lines and remove any excess of SKERMO TERRAZZE within 15 minutes. Protect the treated surfaces from water, excess dew, or frost for at least 18 hours. Apply at temperatures (ambient and substrate) between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Packaging 1 L bottles. 5 L buckets.
  • Storage The product, has a 18 MONTH shelf-life, if properly packed and stored in a cool and dry place. Store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
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