Skermo Terrazze is a transparent water repellent for waterproofing treatment of balconies, terraces and porcelain gres.


Ready to use
One coat only
100% active Material
10 years guarantee
VOC Zero
Don’t modify the aspect of the surface
It prevents the outcrop of efflorance, moss, lichen, seaweed ecc


Transparent solvent-free non-pellicular clear penetrating sealer with outstanding long lasting waterproofing capabilities (10 years).

It is an excellent environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of balconies and terraces covered with ceramic or terracotta floor tiles, stoneware or clinker, as well as, for vertical concrete or masonry structures.

Skermo Terrazze is a 100% active material, able to penetrate deep into the substrate with a superior stability to elevated pH (max 14 pH), thus being very effective in applications located nearby seawater.

Its water-resistant action prevents the emerging of efflorescence and inhibits the growth of moss, algae, lichens, etc.

It’s also a Validated Product by the Sealant, Waterproofing And Restoration
Institute (SWRI).


Porcelain gres
Terracotta Floors
Any other cementitious floor

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  • Application

    Apply Skermo Terrazze with a brush or roller.

  • Consumption

    Average yield rate of 152 Sq. Ft. / Qt. (15 m2/l).

  • Useful Advices
    Prior to the application of the product, the user shall restore damaged or cracked grout lines between tiles with Winstucco Flex (or equal).
    Consumption rate may vary depending on the porosity of the substrate.
    Insist a thorough application over the joints and grout lines and remove any excess of Skermo Terrazze within 15 minutes.
    The product can be applied over dry or dump surfaces at temperatures (ambient and substrate) between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C).

    1.06 Qt. (1 L) bottle. 5.28 Qt. (5 L) pail.

    When kept in its sealed, undamaged package in a shaded covered place at temperatures between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C) product can be stored for 18 months.
  • Technical data sheet
  • Certifications