Liquid waterproofing, elastomeric, white, reflective, water-based, fast drying, highly durable and resistant, capable of reducing the temperature of the treated surface by up to 50%. It guarantees resistance to water stagnation and can also be used on large surfaces.
Its quick drying makes it protected from the rain after only a few hours, making possible to start and finish the work in a single day.
Formulated for the protection and waterproofing of highly irradiated concrete or fiber cement roofs and for the maintenance of bituminous membranes (oxidized for at least 180 days after laying), including slated material. For the protection of the reflective surface, it is recommended to apply WINCLEAN, transparent protective cleaner, with low-dirt pick-up.

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  • Application

    It can be applied with a spatula, roller, brush, flat brush, or airless pump. On particularly chalking surfaces, a prior application of the consolidating agent WINFIX CONCRETE is recommended. Apply the product in two coats. To obtain a homogeneous and ideal thickness for waterproofing, it is recommended to always place between the two coats our reinforcement sheet WINTECHNO MAT. For laying on substrates with irregular geometry (for example corrugated sheet metal), it is possible to apply the product in two coats without the interposition of WINTECHNO MAT reinforcement. The system provides the application, on the perimeter edges, of the BC SEAL BAND waterproof adhesive strip. For pipes, drainpipes, ventilation pipes etc, use BC SEAL PAD waterproof self-adhesive square, in combination with BC SEAL BAND. Joints up to 0,4 inch (1cm) wide, must be sealed with WINJOINT BAND joint cover strip. If the width of the joints is greater than 0,4 inch (1cm), they must be sealed using a system consisting of WINJOINT FOAM (compressible joint bottom), WINJOINT SEAL (polyurethane sealant) and WINJOINT BAND.

  • Consumption

    1,86 - 2,2 Gallons/100 sq.ft (1.1 - 1.3 kg/m²) in two coats. 2,9 – 3,2 Gallons/100 sq.ft (1.7 - 1.9 kg/m²) in two coats with WINTECHNO MAT reinforcement inserted in-between.

  • Useful Advices

    Carefully clean the support to remove dust, crumbly parts, foreign or non-stick substances. The application must take place on a dry surface. It is always recommended to check for the presence of hidden humidity, to avoid flaking or bubbles, due to vapor pressure. Provide periodic cleaning of the treated surfaces (approximately every two years) and the reapplication of WINCLEAN. For floor grinding use WINLIVEL self-levelling, for irregularities from 0,04inch to 0,20 inch (from 1mm to 15mm) or WINLIVEL RAPID self-levelling for irregularities from 0,04 inch to 0,8 inch (from 1mm to 20 mm). To create the new screed, use WINPLAN 370, a quick-drying screed or WINPLAN PRO, a quick-drying screed with low water absorption. Apply at temperatures between 41°F and 95°F (+5°C and +35°C).

  • Packaging

    0,9 - 1,8 - 3,65 gallons per pail (Buckets of 5 - 10 - 20 kg).

  • Storage

    The product, in its undamaged packaging and stored in a cool and dry place, has a shelf-life of 12 months. Store at temperatures between 41°F and 95°F (+5°C and +35°C). Accessories: Bc Seal Band, Bc Seal Pad, Winjoint Foam, Winjoint Seal, Winjoint Band, Wintechno Mat and Winseal.

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