Bi-component water-based non-slip flexible polymer modified cementitious waterproofing tile adhesive.


Waterproofing cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics (C2)
Reduced sliding (T)
Extended open time (E)
Deformable (S1)
Applicable in one hand
No Primer Needed


This is the ideal environmentally friendly solution to set in place ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and terracotta tiles over concrete, cement boards or plywood in horizontal or vertical interior or exterior applications.

In addition to being an excellent tile adhesive, BOND CEMENT provides a waterproofing layer under the ceramic tiles set in place.


Swimming pools
Bathrooms and shower trays
Load compartment layers (screeds)

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  • Application

    Mix components A and B to achieve an even blend. Apply the product with a spatula, first with the smooth side and then making grooves with the toothed side. Be sure to create a continuous and uniform layer to ensure that the back of the tile is fully wetted and guarantees the waterproofing performance. For large format tiles (over 900 cm2) double coat is required.

  • Consumption
    Average consumption: 71.7 Lbs. / 100 SF (3.5 Kg / m²)
    Approximate coverage per pail: 65 SF (6 m²)
  • Useful Advices

    Apply at ambient and substrate temperatures between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C). Prior to application, the user shall consult and understand all applicable technical documentation. Apply it at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.


    Pre-measured in one pail with total combined Net Weight 44 Lbs. (20 kg): 1. Component A (powder) 33.07 lbs. (15 kg). 2. Component B (liquid) 11.02 lbs. (5 kg).


    When kept in its sealed, undamaged package in a shaded covered place at temperatures between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C) product can be stored for 12 months.

  • Stratigraphy Bond cement
    Bond cement in sovrapposizione
  • Technical data sheet
  • Certifications
  • Declaration of performance BOND CEMENT 14891