Eco-friendly, transpiring, anti-moss powder based paint. Formulated by WINKLER Research & Development laboratories. Product for internal and external use, composed of special substances to prevent or eliminate mustiness and efflorescence.  SANAPITT applied on walls results smooth and gives a light glossy look to the structure.

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  • Use Fields It can be applied on places as baths, kitchen...where moisture is high, or as finishing restoring cycle for counter humidity.
  • Application Mix well until getting a perfectly homogeneous compound, free from lumps. Let it rest for about 10 minutes, then apply it by roller or brush. Wait at least 3 hours between the first and the second hand. The product can be colored by using a normal coloring paste, available in every paint factory.
  • Consumption 75 g/m2
 Recommended mixing ratio:
    • SANAPITT kg. 1
    • WATER lt. 0,8
  • Surface Preparation Accurately clean the support for removing: dust, crumbly parts, foreign or bonding-proof matters. Fill in any eventual cracks on the surface.
  • Packaging
    3 kg bags – 8 bags per box
    10 kg bags
  • Storage The product in its undamaged packaging can be stored for 24 months. Please store it in a protect and dry place, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Technical data sheet