Polymeric polyester fiber, extruded with oriented fibers, for concrete conglomerates in general.

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  • Use Fields Formulated specifically to be inserted in our WINPLAN 370 and WINPLAN PRO screeds. However, it can also enter in:
    • Wet or self-leveling cementitious screeds.
    • Structures subjected to stress of dynamic loads.
    • Prefab.
    • Slabs renovation.
  • Application Add FIBER HD to the mixture as last ingredient.
  • Consumption 7-10 Kg / m³ of premixed.
  • Useful Advices Do not apply in conditions and / or methods other than those explicitly stated in this technical data sheet. Do not use if the container is damaged.
  • Packaging 5kg bags.
  • Colours Grey.
  • Technical data sheet