ECOIMPRIMER is a water-based bituminous quick-drying primer. The product is used for anti-dust and adhesion treatment before lying bitumen-polymer membranes (employing flame).

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  • Application The product is ready to use. It can be applied with roller, paintbrush and spray airless. Ensure that the application surfaces are clean, dry, and free from brittle parts.
  • Consumption 150–200 g/m2 in one layer.
  • Useful Advices Allow drying before laying the bituminous surface or applying other products. Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Do not add additives. Do not add any water nor solvents.
  • Packaging 5-10-18 kg pails.
  • Storage The product in its undamaged packaging can be stored for 12 months. Please store it at temperatures between +5ºC and +35 °C. No frost-proof.
  • Technical data sheet