Special 90 g/m² polypropylene non-woven fabric reinforcement mat, specifically designed for ONE and ONE FLOORING liquid membranes. The product is easy to use and guarantees a perfect system. The product adapts to all surfaces, it is hypoallergenic and rot resistant. Thanks to its extreme permeability, it forms a single body with the liquid membrane.

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  • Use Fields

    It is used as a reinforcement for the applications of the ONE and ONE FLOORING systems.

  • Application

    Immerse ONE MAT with a breakable roller or smooth trowel, until it disappears into the liquid, after first having laid the first coat of the product. Take care not to exert strong pressure. Wait for the layer to dry completely (see specific technical data sheet) and then proceed with the application of the second coat.

  • Useful Advices

    Do not leave the fabric exposed to atmospheric agents and high or low temperatures for a long time.

  • Packaging

    430sq.ft (40 m²) rolls 164ft. x 31 inch (50 m x 0,8 m).

  • Storage

    Store the product in a cool and dry place, away from sun and heat sources.

  • Technical data sheet