Professional mono-component adhesive sealant based on special bitumen and high quality polymers.


Ready to use
Under water application


Winseal is a professional mono-component adhesive and sealant containing special bitumen and high quality polymers.

Suitable for applications on wet surfaces or underwater.

It has adhesion to most building materials.


It adheres to PVC and can be used for sealing pipes and connections
Rain and draining canals
Building joints and connections
Irrigation ditches
Concrete tanks and pools
Sealing bituminous membranes ventilators
Overlap joints

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  • Application

    Pierce the cartridge, cut the spout at the desired size and apply with a common spray gun for sealant. Winseal assures waterproofing and adhesion immediately after the application but, due to its particular chemical composition, it could spend even some days before the complete curing. It is a multipurpose sealant adhesive capable to of bonding on wet surfaces. Can be used for repairs, sealing cuts, cracks or fish-mouth opening of bituminous membranes, as well for the sealing and adhesion of overlap joints of mod. bit. membranes adhered using Winglue adhesive.  

  • Consumption

    It depends on the joint dimensions and the kind of use. About 90-100 g/m. for joint width: 10 cm

  • Useful Advices

    The application surfaces must be clean, dust and greases free. On particularly delicate surfaces it is recommended doing preliminary tests. Do not apply on insulating panels under direct sunlight or at high temperatures. Use it always in airing areas.


    9.45 Fl. Oz. (280 ml) cartridge – 25 cartridges per box.


    The product has 12 months stability if properly stored in the original sealed packages in a cool and dry place and at temperatures between 41F and 104F (+5°C and +40°C).

  • Technical data sheet