Water-based bituminous adhesive for modified bituminous membranes and insulating panels.


Adhesive Bituminous
Water based
Ready to use
No Primer Needed
Can be applied after 90 minutes


Is an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of open flame torch or bitumen hot-mop, providing a much superior degree of safety on the job-site and outstanding adhesion quality.

This product was specifically developed to provide exceptional horizontal bonding of the mod. bit. membranes (granular or smooth) and polystyrene or ISO insulating panels to the following substrates:
Roofing panels (such as DensDeck cement roof board)
Exterior-grade plywood
Existing bituminous membranes.

Adhesion of the following systems:

Substrate / membrane
Substrate / Panel
Membrane / Membrane
Panel / Membrane
Panel / Panel

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  • Application

    Apply WINGLUE on prepped and dry surfaces with roll, paintbrush or large brush at ambient and substrate temperatures between 41F and 104F (+5°C and +40°C).

  • Consumption

    Depending on porosity, temperature, and method of application, etc. the average approximate rate of consumption is 1.4 Gal. per 100 Sq. Ft. (0.6 Kg/m2).

  • Useful Advices

    4.9 Gal. pails. Net weight 44 Lbs. (20 Kg).

    When kept in its sealed, undamaged package in a shaded covered place at temperatures between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C) product can be stored for 12 months.
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