Water-based trowel grade self-protected waterproofing membrane that offers excellent waterproofing protection to concrete structures buried under ground, soil, drainage river rocks or sand.


Ready to use
Resistant to punching
Protection not Required
Primer not Required


This Product has an excellent bonding strength to concrete, cinder blocks and masonry.

Highly elastic top quality resins and recycled rubber content provide Scudo System with a superior resistance to compression and (positive) hydrostatic pressure.

It’s the ideal environmentally friendly solution for waterproofing and protection of below grade structures such as:

Retaining walls
Foundations and footings
Concrete slabs supporting sand & pavers in plazas applications
Concrete slabs supporting green roofs
Precast concrete blocks
Walls and other products, etc.

Scudo System can be used as a vapor barrier on slab on grade type applications, with a higher material consumption and additional detail work.


Counterbalance walls

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  • Application

    Apply on a dry, clean surface in a single hand with smooth spatula or airless pump.

  • Consumption

    Average consumption rate of 6.25 Gal. per 100 Sq. Ft. (2.8 - 3.3 kg/m²) and minimum wet film thickness of 80 mils (2 mm). Total consumption: 2.8-3.3 kg / m². Steam Barrier: 3-3.3 kg / m².

  • Useful Advices

    The application rate will vary depending upon the substrate profile, weather, method of application, etc. Apply at ambient and substrate temperatures between 41F and 104F (+5°C and +40°C).


    4.3 gallons per pail. Weight: 44 Lbs. (20 kg).


    When kept in its sealed, undamaged package in a shaded covered place at temperatures between 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C) product can be stored for 18 months.

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