Developed by WINKLER Research & Development laboratories, ONE PRIMER is a two-component epoxy adhesion promoter for substrates contaminated with oils, undergoing preparation work prior to application of other WINKLER materials.

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  • Correct waterproofing

    Roughly stir each component individually to homogenize all sedimentation. Pour Component B into Component A and mix consistent at slow speed until obtaining even consistency with no lumps.

  • Use Fields

    Pre-treatment of cement/concrete or various stone material flooring.

  • Application

    Apply ONE PRIMER with a roller or brush over dry or slightly damp substrate. If a pressurized washing has been carried out with specific degreasing detergents, carefully eliminate any stagnation or puddles of water and then apply the product. To allowed the adhesion of subsequent coats, we strongly suggest broadcasting quartz 01-05 onto the wet primed surface. Apply the product at temperatures between +41°F and 95°F (+5°C and +35°C).

  • Consumption

    0,5-0,6 gallons/100sq.ft. (400-500g/m2)

  • Surface Preparation

    Contaminated substrate must be removed for about 8 mils (2 mm) of thickness, it must be dusted, cleaned with detergent, then washed and cleaned with a pressurized water jet.

  • Useful Advices

    Do not add any additive.
    Do not use if the packaging is damaged. Do not add water nor solvents.

  • Packaging

    2,65 gallons per pail (Kg 20 pail)
    Component A: 2,35gallons (17.8 kg) + Component B: 0,3 gallons (2.2 kg)

    0,65 gallons per pail (Kg 5 pail)
    Component A: 0,3 gallons (4.45 kg) + Component B: 0,07 gallons (0.55 kg)

  • Storage

    If stored in a dry and sheltered place, in its original packaging, the product has a shelf life of 6 months. Store at temperatures between (+41°F and 95°F) +5°C and +35°C.

  • Technical data sheet