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Self Adhesive


Self adhesive butyl square pad, with easy-peel siliconized release liner and non-woven polyester backing.

BC Seal Pad has excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster boards, (plastic, bituminous membranes, EPDM, metal).

It is fully compatible with all cured liquid applied WINKLER materials.


Ventilation pipes
Pipe joining
General protrusive parts

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  • Application

    Use BC Seal Pad for sealing around roof penetrations such as drain, ventilation pipes, other roof penetrations or around plumbing pipes and drains. Remove the protection than put the band on the surface avoiding the formation of air bubbles between the butyl and the support. Do not use to seal cracks or pinholes of the walls of pipes with running water. For joints, superimpose the products of at least 5 cm.

  • Consumption

    Standard length and width: 320 mm

  • Useful Advices

    Before applying the product, it is recommended to repair any surface irregularities, paste any detached tiles, and check hidden wet in order to prevent the formation of vapor pressure. Cover the product within 18h. Avoid using in imminence of rain or on wet surfaces. Working temperature range for applied product: -22F and 176F (-30°C and +90°C). The product has 12 months stability from the production date if properly packed and not opened. Store in a ventilated room sheltered from dampness at temperature between + 5° C and + 35 °C. Application temperatures: 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C). Pad dimensions: 1219/32 inches x 1219/32 inches (32 cm x 32 cm).

  • Technical data sheet