Two-component, waterproof, elastic, coloured mortar, resistant to UV rays and both positive and negative hydrostatic thrust. Particularly suitable for applications on large surfaces, it can also be applied vertically. The product has excellent adhesion to concrete, ceramic, natural and artificial stone, wood, steel, galvanized sheet metal and other non-oxidizable metals. Waterproof, resistant to bad weather, frost, salts, chlorinated water, and abrasion, it can also be left exposed. It is used for waterproofing and restoring concrete structures, even subject to severe stress, for waterproofing surfaces subjected to intense pedestrian traffic, or as a waterproof coating for swimming pools, fountains, tubs, and non-drinking water tanks.

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  • Application Apply the product with a flat brush or a metal spatula.
  • Consumption 1.8 kg/m² per mm of thickness. As a waterproof and abrasion resistant coating, in positive thrust: 3.6-4 kg/m², in two coats. As waterproofing in negative thrust: 4.5-5 kg​/m², in three coats. Any preliminary levelling of the substrate will require greater consumption.
  • Surface Preparation The substrate must be clean, dry, cohesive, free oil crumbly parts, oils, or other non-stick substances. Irregularities of up to 1.5 mm can be restored with WINTAPLAST. Absorbent substrates such as concrete, plaster, masonry etc. shall be dampened beforehand. Prior to the application of WINTAPLAST it is highly recommended the use of BC SEAL BAND (self-adhesive butyl tape coated with polypropylene non-woven fabric) for proper reinforcement and sealing of corners and penetrations.
  • Useful Advices Apply on a clean, dry, cohesive surface, free of oils and non-stick substances. Irregularities up to 1.5 mm, can be restored with WINTAPLAST. Absorbent substrates (concrete, plaster, etc.) must be previously moistened. For each single layer a thickness of 1 mm must not be exceeded. The next layer can be applied when the previous one is perfectly dry. Maximum total thickness of the coating: 3 mm. To improve the “visible face”, we recommend using a sponge trowel, before the product sets. For application in swimming pools, basins, tanks, fountains, and any structure intended for water containment, wait at least 7 days from the last coat of the product before filling.
  • Packaging Pack of 36 kg A + B (26 + 10 kg). Pack of 18 kg A + B (13 + 5 kg).
  • Colours white - cream yellow (as per RAL 9001) - Grey (as per RAL 7032/7033/7040) - Blue (as per RAL 5012).
  • Storage The product, in its undamaged packaging and stored in a dry and protected place, has a shelf-life of 12 months. Store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Accessories: BC Seal Band, BC Seal Pad, Winjoint Foam, Winjoint Seal.
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