Waterproofing joint-cover band in waterproof thermoplastic copolymer reinforced with non-woven fabric. This product offers excellent adhesion thanks to its perforated side bands, high elasticity, and elongation capacity. It can be used with all our cement-based polymer-modified coatings and with liquid or paste waterproofing agents such as: BOND CEMENT, WF Z5 – WINFLEX CEMENT, WINFLEX CEMENT SUPER, WINGRIP BITUMINOSO, WINGUM PLUS H2O, WINGUM PLUS H2O REFLEX, WINGUM PLUS H2O RAPID, WINGUM PLUS H2O RAPID REFLEX, 2021, 2021 FIBER, 2025, 2027, WINGUM PRO TECK, WINGUM PRO TECK ANTIRADICE.

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  • Application Initially apply the product chosen for the intervention on the edges of the joint on a surface wider than that of the joint-cover band and in a 1 mm thick layer. Then apply the joint-cover band making the perforated bands adhere. If necessary, use a trowel for better soaking. Then apply a second coat in order to optimize and complete the adhesion process. For details about overlapping and connection with BC SEAL BAND, see the technical sheet.
  • Useful Advices Ensure that the application surfaces are clean, dry and free from crumbling, foreign or powdery parts. Allow the product used for adhesion purposes to dry before complete application. When this is not specified, respect the joints created when laying the floor. Avoid exposition to UV rays for over 10 days.
  • Packaging Roll width: 50 mm (100 mm including bands). Roll length: 50 m.
  • Storage Store in a cool dry place, away from the sun and heat sources.
  • Stratigraphy ONE and WINJOINT SYSTEM
    WINGRIP BITUMINOSO on concrete
  • Technical data sheet