Water-based bituminous bond for insulating panels and bitumen-polymer membranes. The product permits easy and exceptional bonding without using flame or hot bitumen. It can be applied on both absorbing supports and non-absorbing surfaces and guarantees the application of bituminous membranes and panels on pre-existing facing (vapour barrier etc.) or directly on concrete or wood.

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  • Application The product can be applied by paintbrush and roller. Apply it on the entire surface and wait for the full product to become sticky (about 90 minutes). Then apply cloths or panels to be bonded.
  • Consumption 0.5 kg/m² for non-porous and undamaged substrates. 0.5 - 0.7 kg/m² depending on unevenness of substrates.
  • Useful Advices Ensure that supports are clean, dry and free of dust, grease and crumbly parts. Do not apply with when rain is imminent, on frost foundations or with expected night chill. Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Packaging 5-20 kg pails.
  • Storage The product has 12 months shelf-life if properly packed and stored in a cool dry place. No frost-proof. Store between +5°C and +35°C. Accessories: Winseal.
  • Technical data sheet
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