High permeation product based on special polymers in water dispersion. This product is totally free from organic compounds, so it can be considered as environmental friendly. It has been formulated by WINKLER Research & development Laboratories. Thanks to its special formulation, which allows a high permeation into supports, this product is an excellent strengthening for tophus and natural stone and it also allows an improvement of mechanical resistances even of 40%, without modifying the transpiration of the substrate.

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  • Application Ensure that the application surfaces are free from greases and salts, clean and free from brittle parts, apply on dry surfaces. The product is ready to use and can by applied by roller, brush and airless gun. Before applying a liquid membrane coat, ensure that the strengthening product was completely absorbed by the surface.
  • Consumption 400-450 cc/m2 in one coat.
  • Useful Advices Do not apply the product on frost surfaces or subject to night chill or with rainy weather. Apply the product at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Packaging 5 – 10 – 20 Lt cans.
  • Storage The product in its undamaged packaging and in a dry and protected place can be stored for 12 months. Please store it at temperatures between +5ºC and 35°C. No frost- proof.
  • Technical data sheet