Water-based, two-component, breathable epoxy formulation designed to create both self-levelling and multi-layer flooring on surfaces that are also subject to moisture and with no vapour barrier. It creates a surface with good resistance to diluted acid, alkaline and salt solutions.


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  • Application Multilayer use Mix the two components and add 25% by weight of quartz 0.1-0. Apply a first coat by trowel, followed by a dusting of quartz 01-03. After 24 hours remove excess quartz, sand the surface, and apply a  coat of product with a smooth trowel. Multilayer use on tiled floors Place a 140-160 g/m2 glass fibre mesh on the substrate before proceeding with the multilayer cycle. Self-levelling application After trowelling the surface, proceed with the application of WINFIX FISSATIVO. Then mix component A+B and apply the product using a notched trowel. Remove air bubbles with a bubble breaker roller. Finish the cycles by roller application of two coats of UNIBAR F over the entire surface 24 hours after application of the last coat of UNIBAR T.
  • Consumption Consumption varies depending on the chosen cycle and the application method.
  • Useful Advices Ensure that the substrates are clean, free of friable parts, non-stick substances, and oils. Perform thorough sandblasting, sanding, shot peening or milling. The surface must have a tear resistance of at least 1.5 N/mm2.
  • Packaging COMPONENT A: 20 kg COMPONENT B: 2 kg
  • Colours RAL colours.
  • Storage The product, in its undamaged packaging and stored in a cool and dry place, has a shelf -life of 12 months. Protect from frost. Store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
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