Waterproofing multipurpose two-component strengthening resin which are free of solvents.
It is an easy way for treating, restoring, and preparing the finishing surface, even those where vehicles and forklift trucks will be passing over. Used as it is it will consolidate the finishing surfaces that have started to crumble and become uneven. It is also used to waterproof finishing surfaces that have no moisture barrier.
In addition, it can be used as a protective or priming treatment before applying UNIBAR FINITURA ANTISDRUCCIOLO, when the floor is to be used for MEDIUM-LIGHT traffic, such as pedestrian areas, garages, warehouses, and areas where forklift trucks will be running. For deeper consolidating (over 6 mm) of damaged cement foundations, UNIBAR FORMULA can be diluted with methylated spirit (3 l).
When special premixed extenders, which can be separately purchased, are added to UNIBAR FORMULA, the following products will result:

UNIBAR FORMULA + SC1 special extenders = UNIBAR MALTA. Epoxy mortar used to repair holes, large cracks, and unevenness.
UNIBAR FORMULA + SC2 special extenders = UNIBAR SL. Self-levelling for screeds with damaged surface (3 mm max thickness). It ensures a smooth and perfectly flat surface with high chemical and mechanical resistance.

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  • Application UNIBAR FORMULA can be applied by paintbrush or roller. UNIBAR MALTA can be applied by trowel or spatula. UNIBAR SL is self-levelling, but a notched trowel can be used for facilitating application.
  • Consumption ANTI-SKINNING ACTION: Unibar Formula: 150 - 300 g/m² in one coat. SUPERFICIAL STRENGTHENING ACTION: Unibar Formula: 400 - 600 g/m² in two coats (wet on wet). WATERPROOFING: Unibar Formula: 400 - 900 kg/m² in two or more coats. STRENGTHENING IN DEPTH: Unibar Formula + Methylated Spirit: 600 - 1500 g/m² in two or more coats depending on the porosity of the support.
  • Useful Advices Use a low-speed or manual drill to evenly blend the two components. When adding methylated spirits, only add the amount required (3 l). All components are premixed; therefore, prepare the product according to the instructions in the technical sheet. Do not add water or solvents. Once the components UNIBAR FORMULA and UNIBAR FORMULA + METHYLATED SPIRIT have been mixed, they must be used within the times suggested in the technical sheet. Apply at temperatures between +10°C and +35°C. Do not leave the non-mixed product exposed to heat sources.
  • Packaging UNIBAR FORMULA 7.5 kg of A + B delivered in only a packaging. UNIBAR MALTA: SC1 33 kg (two pails of 16.5 kg) + UNIBAR FORMULA 7.5 kg. UNIBAR SL: SC2 11.73 kg bag + UNIBAR FORMULA 7.5 kg.
  • Technical data sheet