TECHNOASFALT is a product intended for the quick repair of potholes in roads and pavements. It is a THIRD-GENERATION cold bituminous conglomerate, workable at ambient temperatures, formulated with SBS and SBR Bitumen coming from recycled rubber tyres, ELTs and fluidized with selected vegetable oils. The selected aggregates are a mixture of first-class basalt sand and grits, and the mixture is easily workable, even at low temperatures and is stable for up to 24 months. Its special formulation does not adhere to tyres and drastically reduces the loss of grit and scrap. It is workable even at low temperatures, on damp substrates, while it is raining or snowing. Product intended for the maintenance of road pavements, closed excavations, saturation of holes, restoration of road pavement sections, etc. It allows you to quickly restore road safety conditions, avoiding the dangers of accidents due to potholes, ruts and charms in general.

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  • Application It is applied manually or with a paver. It is advisable to thoroughly clean the application area and apply the product without a primer. The minimum application thickness is 2.5 cm. In case of interventions exceeding 5 cm, it will be necessary to apply successive layers, taking care to compact the previous one well. The filling level, in case of patching by hand, must exceed 1 - 2 cm.
  • Consumption 22 - 23 kg/m² per cm of thickness.
  • Useful Advices Completely open the bag to aerate the product and facilitate recovery. Do not use primer and remove any water present before applying. Keep away from atmospheric agents and store at a temperature of at least +10°C in the cold months. Do not dust cement or sand at the end of the intervention.
  • Packaging Bags of 25 kg - 15 kg.
  • Storage The product, in its undamaged packaging and stored in a dry place and protected from atmospheric agents, has a shelf-life of 24 months. Do not overlap the pallets.
  • Technical data sheet