Solvent-based single component reinforcement product ready for use, developed in WINKLER Research & Development Laboratories. Product used for reinforcing decayed surfaces in natural stone, bricks, plaster, concrete. It restores surfaces to their original permeability and resistance. After application, surfaces can be plastered and/or painted.

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  • Application To obtain good results before application, use a chemical barrier (SKERMO 2-3) in order to remove rising damp from walls. Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Remove dust, oil, grease, deposits, bloom, old paint residues, algae and moss. The product is ready for use and can be applied using a hand brush, a roller with short bristles or a low-pressure gun.
  • Consumption 500-900 ml/m2 according to the absorption capacity of the support.
  • Useful Advices Do not apply when rain is imminent or on surfaces directly hit and heated by U.V. rays. Before applying, make a preliminary test on a small portion of the base in order to check its colour stability. We recommend protecting solvent sensitive surfaces before applying (door and window frames, glass, doors, etc.). We recommend applying several “wet on wet” coats at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Packaging 10 liter tins
  • Storage If the product is stored in its unopened original packaging, shelf-life is 6 months. Store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Technical data sheet