Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products


It aims to make the single market work better and improve the free movement of construction products* in the EU, by laying down uniform rules for the marketing of these products and by providing a common technical language to assess the performance of construction products.
In this way the regulation also enables EU countries to ensure the safety of construction works*.

It repeals Directive 89/106/EEC.


The regulation sets out the conditions for the marketing of construction products.
It sets out methods and criteria for assessing and expressing the performance of construction products*, and the conditions for the use of CE marking.
EU countries, on the other hand, are responsible for fire safety, mechanical resistance and stability, environmental, energy and other requirements applicable to construction works.
Declaration of Performance and CE marking
Where a manufacturer decides to place a construction product on the market and that product is covered by a harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment has been issued for it, the manufacturer must draw up a Declaration of Performance which contains, among other things, the following information:

  • product reference;
  • systems of assessment and verification of consistency of performance of the product;
  • reference of the applicable harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment;
  • intended use or uses for the product;
  • declared performance based on the assessment according to the applicable harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment.

Once the Declaration of Performance has been drawn up, the manufacturer must affix a CE marking to the product.
The CE marking indicates that the performance of the product has been assessed and that it remains constant.
CE marking enables a construction product to be placed legally on the market in any EU country and then be traded on the EU’s single market.
EU countries must establish Product Contact Points for Construction to provide information on the requirements for construction products.
Obligations of manufacturers, importers and distributors
Manufacturers must:

  • prepare technical documentation and on its basis draw up a Declaration of Performance and affix CE marking to the product;
  • ensure that the product maintains its conformity with the Declaration of Performance. Where manufacturers consider that the product no longer conforms with the Declaration of Performance, they must immediately take the necessary corrective measures or withdraw or recall the product from the market.

You can download DoP certifications directly from the product’s technical sheets, if available.

Don’t hesitate to contact Winkler technical office if you need further clarifications.


Winkler was among the first Italian Companies to design and manufacture products with low environmental impact.
In recent years, thanks to the constant improvement in research and development, the Company is able to offer new solutions, with a special attention to both the environment and the effectiveness of the materials. Also in this case, it was the first Company in Italy to certify some products of its catalogue, certifications not required by any law or regulation, but finalized to guarantee users and above all to support designers and prescribers who can find in Winkler's offer the response to every problem of waterproofing and even protection of the building system.

Nowadays the products that can boast these additional certifications, in addition to those provided by the most recent regulations, are the liquid membranes 2021 (now also FIBER), 2025, WINGUM P, WINGUM PLUS. Moreover, SCUDO SYSTEM, a waterproofing paste formulated with special high-elasticity resins, and WINGLUE, a water-based bituminous adhesive for insulating panels and polymer-bitumen membranes.

The certifications concern the characteristics of impermeability, the freeze /thaw cycle, durability and breathability. Additional guarantees concern mechanical strength and adhesion to the substrate.
W-Safe line’s products are rapidly becoming established and we can recommend WINGRIP, the universal bonding agent now also available in the exclusive WINGRIP BITUMINOSO formulation, which is specifically developed to create an elastic and highly resistant waterproofing and bonding-promoting substrate layer on horizontal and vertical settings. An ideal product for waterproofing and adhesion-promoting for balconies, terraces and bathrooms, thanks to the selection and use of special bitumen and high quality polymers, always in water emulsion.

The opportunity of using certified solutions with low environmental impact is certainly an important added value that is given both to what is sold and to what you use, in order to successfully reach the common goal, or the full (and certified) customer satisfaction.